Friday, July 16, 2010

Wonder of wonders!

The mosquito doohickey worked! No new bites, and I actually slept for a solid eight hours for the first time in days. If anyone reading this is ever planning on going to Florence, I can't recommend the Hostel de 7 Santi enough. The guy who runs this place is a saint, and the dinner special is fantastic.


  1. I'm so happy about this development. Do you think those doohickeys are available and would work in the States, especially New Jersey? And by the way, Becky Sharp? Yes, a delightful traveling companion. Can't wait to talk to you about Becky! Hope you had a great day in Siena.

  2. Well, the plugs are different, so the Italian version wouldn't work in a US outlet, but tomorrow I'm going to ask the man at the desk for more information about said doohickey so that I can procure one to use for the rest of my trip.

    I'm up to the part where all the men are leaving to fight at Waterloo in Vanity Fair - think I'll read a little more in a bit!